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MRCPCH - About the Programme

The Royal College of Paediatrics and child health, commonly known as RCPCH is the professional association of paediatricians (Doctors who specialized in child health) in the UK. MRCPCH is one of the postgraduate trainings acknowledged in the UK and globally as a crucial qualification for the medical aspirants to work as paediatricians across the globe. This membership certification is accepted in India to practice in private hospitals and universities. Membership in the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH) is obtained by passing three theory exams with one clinical exam. This is accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC) as meeting the required standards.

MRCPCH Training Hospitals in India

MRCPCh training hospitals in India are closely associated with IMSTP Educational services for training the medical aspirants looking for PG courses after MBBS and courses after MBBS without NEET PG. MRCPCh training hospitals in Kerala are well equipped with faculty and infrastructure to acquire the best clinical knowledge for medical candidates.

This is a uniquely structured programme where the students will be trained directly in the MRCPCh Training Hospitals in India. The training at MRCPCh Training Hospitals in India will help them to build on their existing knowledge, skills and will help them to the gain relevant experience required to crack the MRCPCh examinations. Through the training that they receive in these MRCPCh Training Hospitals in India the students can develop a mastery over the Pediatrics specialty. 

This is a hospital-based course where candidates will take up clinical training in one of the hospitals associated with us. We have associated with MRCPCh Training Hospitals in India at various places in Kerala including Kochi, Thiruvalla, Kollam, Thrissur, Mallapuram, Kanhangad and Palakkad. We also have associated with training hospitals in other states like Tamil Nādu, Gujarat, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. These training hospitals comprise a minimum of 200 beds with a flow of 200 patients per day on an average. During this training the students will acquire hands-on learning experience and will gain insights from experienced faculty members. 

Why study MRCPCh

The MRCPCh course is the best course that students can pursue after completing MBBS without NEET PG. By getting trained through this course, they will be able to gain high earnings within the country and at the same time pursue a career outside of the country. 


The faculty members at these MRCPCh Training Hospitals in India have profound experience and will guide the students to complete their Academic Requirements on time. They will assess the students regularly and provide feedback to help them to complete the program successfully. 

Student Mentors

The Student Mentors at these MRCPCh Training Hospitals in India are specifically assigned to help students and will deliver the academic support. They will also assist the students on academic issues whenever required to make sure that the students’ period of study is smooth and hassle-free.  

Exam Format (CBT)

I.Foundation of Practice (FOP) – theory exam
No. of Questions: 80 questions (70 Single Best Answer & 10 Extended match Questions).
Duration: 2hrs 30min

II.Theory and Science (TAS) – theory exam
No. of Questions: 85 questions (79 Single Best Answer & 6 Extended match Questions)
Duration: 2hrs 30min

III.Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) – theory exam
No. of Questions: 2 papers of 75 questions each
Duration: 2hr 30min on the same day with a break of 1hr.

Clinical Exam: Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Communication
  • History taking and management planning
  • Establishing rapport with both parents and children
  • Physical examination
  • Child development
  • Clinical judgement
  • Organisation of thoughts and actions
  • Recognition of acute illness
  • Knowledge of paediatrics and child health
  • Professional behaviour
  • Ethical practice.

For details regarding Exam dates, fees, exam centers, etc kindly visit MRCP website

Theory Exams:

Clinical Exams:

For details regarding Exam dates, fees, exam centers, etc kindly visit MRCP website

Theory Exams :

Clinical Exams :

Application & Exam Dates:

1Intensive Care (PICU)10Respiratory Medicine with ENT
2Neonatology (NICU)11Cardiology
3Genetics and Dysmorphology12Hematology and Oncology / Palliative Care
4Paediatric Surgery13Nephro-urology
5Ophthalmology14Diabetes and Endocrinology
6Dermatology15Gastroenterology and Hepatology Metabolic Medicine
7Behavioral Medicine / Psychiatry16Emergencies, Pharmacology, Poisoning and Accident
8Neurology and Neurodisability17Primary Care, Child Public Health, Infection and Allergy
9Musculoskeletal / Orthopedics
1Intensive Care (PICU)
2Neonatology (NICU)
4Paediatric Surgery
7Behavioral Medicine / Psychiatry
8Neurology and Neurodisability
9Primary Care, Child Public Health, Infection and Allergy
10Musculoskeletal / Orthopedics
11Respiratory Medicine with ENT
13Hematology and Oncology / Palliative Care
15Diabetes and Endocrinology
16Gastroenterology and Hepatology Metabolic Medicine
17Emergencies, Pharmacology, Poisoning and Accident
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