About us

IMSTP – International Multi Skill Talent and Placements is one of the prominent organizations engaged in empowering Human Intelligence by offering learning and career advancement to a wide range of candidates in various fields.

At IMSTP, we specialize in providing top tier International recruitments and placement services.

Our Talent recruitment and placement process extend beyond borders, connecting individuals with leading companies to match their positions that align with skilled professional’s expertise and career aspirations.

 IMSTP acts as a bridge, facilitating the journey from learning to employment on an International scale.

Embracing the future of work, IMSTP is at the forefront of offering permanent work-from-home jobs in India and remote working opportunities from the UK.


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cyber Security

  • Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing

  • Data Science, Business Analyst

  • Web Designing, Graphic Designing, UX, UI

  • SEO, SEO Analyst

  • Human Resources & Recruitment

  • Finance & Payroll

  • Accounts / Book keeping

  • Marketing

  • Operations / Logistics Management



  • IT/ICT

  • E-Commmerce

  • Finance, Insurance

  • Banking

  • Travel & Hospitality

ST Remote Jobs

IMSTP is your gateway to a world of remote working possibilities. The Remote Working Jobs from the UK offered by IMSTP caters to diverse skill sets and professional backgrounds.

IMSTP’s remote job opportunities bring the office to you, allowing you to contribute to global projects without the need for a traditional office space.

Join us in reshaping the future of work, one remote opportunity at a time.